Ok, hear me out. I m a guy but I want to shave my legs/remove some of the hair because I m uncomfortable being hairy. ☹?


Steve P

Do it then. As long as you are doing nothing harmful to yourself, it is YOUR body. If you are more happy without the hair, then get rid of it. Don't be mind locked into the stupid "rules" that close minded, common people have about such things. I've never understood why a man is supposed to look like a monkey. To anyone saying "it is not natural", then just say neither is brushing your teeth, or cutting your hair, or using deodorant.


That's the soy talking. Eat more lean meats and you will snap out of it.


so do it


Just do it.


waxing is good


Shave it off. Just be careful around the knees and ankles. Those are the hard spots. And don’t use a cheap razor, you will regret it trust me.


Depends on what you feel like doing. Me, I shave my d**k and b**ls regularly - I find it nicer to fondle them and j**k off that way. And most of the rest of my body (except for my magnificent beard!) is pretty hairless anyway. But it's different for different people. Cheers. +++++


So remove it,!