Why do some people think crazy colored hair dye makes them more unique when it is mass produced?



While it's mass produced, every one has different hair textures, styles and different ways to apply fashion dyes. The dyes can also be lightened or applied with other colours to give some one a more unique look. But then I don't think people care that much about the dyes being mass produced. Some people just want to have a different hair colour other then a more natural colour.


Not everyone runs around with blue or fiery red hair in the world history ... so it is always unique phenomenon ... to see.

Ms. Regina

In a way it does, not everyone on the planet has crayon colored hair. It called fun colors


Nobody is truly unique anymore. Everything is mass produced. The only way to be truly unique then is to live off the grid and produce all of your own things. Build your own log cabin, grow all of your won food, kill your own animals for meat and leather, make all of your own clothing. Or just accept modern society and the fact that nobody is unique.

Kat Heart

Everything is mass produced. People that color their hair don't do it thinking they have the only bottle of blue dye in existence, they do it because they like the color or the way it looks and want it in their hair. Like, when someone with mousy colored hair goes brown no one tells her that she's delusional and generic. It's just a personal preference to your own hair. Most people don't care about pleasing everyone that might possibly look at the color of their hair when they walk through Walmart.


They do not know that people are laughing at them and calling them Smurfs.


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