Do I look better with short (my own) or curly hair?

Short hair: Curly hair: Which one looks better in your opinion? The short is easier to style and go but the curly is more expensive of course to get done and maintain.


I think you look gorgeous in both pics. Beautiful smile and a hot figure. Don't get conceited though.


well i like the second one but you should have your hair the way you want too have your hair

Andrew the Mullin

Short. Be natural we men prefer it.


I like the short hair better. The long weave is something that takes a lot of time to maintain and it can be VERY expensive to take care of, as you mentioned. The short haircut will bring out your facial features. You have a really pretty face. And people will notice that first, with your short hair. Put on a little mascara to really make your eyes "pop"... Keep your short hair, put the weave away for now.

Egyptian Musk

Curly hair