I cut the top of my clear nose piercing retainer. Will that cause the piercing to close?

I cut the top flat part of my nose piercing retainer because it made the jewelry too noticeable. When I cut and put it in it looks like theres nothing in my nose but the problem is I feel like it’s going to slip through my nose and cause the nose piercing to close. There’s this ridge thing (I don’t know how to describe it) that’s there to prevent it from slipping through but I don’t think I trust it. Can this happen or am I fine?


I know exactly what u mean by a clear nose ring retainer, I use to have one for my tongue ring to keep my new piercing a secret from my dad at the time lol. Not having the flat clear part may cause the clear nose piercing retainer to shift around inside the pierced area without the top flat part to help keep it in place. Because whether u may notice or not, a person flexes their nostrils many times a day not realizing it, that flexing may cause the stem part of the clear retainer inside your nose piercing to shift up or down, it could even cause it to fall out, even with the rigid part. So I wouldnt trust it to stay in place. Depending how long u have had your nose pierced, if its been over a year it wont close up so quick if left without a piercing. But if its a fairly new piercing like under 6 months old, the hole can start to close up if left with no piercing in it within 24 hours, just to let u know :)