Does anyone know where to find the "original" formula of lutece perfume?


Linda S

There used to be a place that sold reproductions of discontinued fragrances and for a while they were very good. They were then bought out by someone else and there service is crap. So that's no longer an option for fans of discontinued scents. The best I can offer is to check e-bay every once in a while. Sadly when some of these companies close and the fragrance discontinued the only place to get it is the second hand vintage market. A bit of background: Lutece was originally made by Houbigant in 1984 and was one of the new "rose exotics" of that era. The main note was a flower called Rose de Mai. and it also had rosewood, tonka bean, rosemary, peony and vanilla. Houbigant was purchased by Dana Fragrances in the late '80's and the formula was changed -adding more aldehydes to the top notes. Aldehyde is that sharp floral burst at the top when you first sniff a fragrance. Some people love aldehyde, some hate it. If your nose is sensitive enough aldehyde can ruin a fragrance. According to my current research Dana fragrances no longer exists because it was bought by Prism and prism produces only one scent. Lutece -original and modern -is also long gone. According to some Ombre Rose by Brousseau is similar enough but lacks the powdery notes of the original Lutece. And that's all I can find. Bottles of this go for a lot of money on e-bay because it's in such high demand. Looking up Rose De Mai fragrances on fragrance websites like Basenotes or Fragrentica can lead you to modern interpretations of the scent, but finding the real original is getting more difficult all the time.


I know online, but I have looked online and can't find the original anywhere. So I'm just wondering if there is a certain website out there that I'm not aware of that would carry it?