Have you entered yourself into a beauty pageant yet?



No, but my mother entered me in a baby contest years ago. I've changed a bit since then.

Fat Brian 🐄


Angelina J.

Yes. It sucked. It wasn't the national miss pageant, but something that tried to be liie it, but with more focus in beauty. It stopped years ago because the organisor was a bit of a pervy douche. I was only 19 and actually wasn't cut out for this. I wasn't social, I was shy, I had no plans in life, I could barely speak the second language they asked me questions in. I was dressed like **** while the other girls were dressed really nice. I wore a dirt-brown-green longsleeve and some dark blue jeans, like ew, but hey it was 2008... oh and my makeup game was bad. God time sure flies. I remember using the nivea makeup now, fighting for space in some bathroom with the other girls. In the bathing suit round I wore a nice red bathing suit though. But the girls in their expensive bikinis looked far better and had more confidence. I can't remember who won. I didn't make it to round two.

Linda S

I did pageants from the age of 16 until 24. Some I never made past the interviews, some I went all the way to finalist. It was a lot of fun and cured me of my shyness and gave a sense of self worth and self esteem I didn't have before I started them. In the one I was a top five finalist and I got a prize package that included a scholarship to any one year career program at the local community college. I took dressmaking and design which included alterations. I learned I loved sewing more that I thought I did before, had a knack for design and everyone needs their pants hemmed. many years later when I went to a fashion college my dressmaking and design course got not just my foot in the door, but all of me into the full program. So pageants changed my life and they are absolutely worth entering.


not yet