How to tell my tutor I'm allergic to his perfume?

He wears this stinky perfume that smells like BO and he sweats like crazy. Then he brings food to eat while tutoring me and leaves trash everywhere. He brings the smelliest foods like tuna salad and chili mixed. He also drinks orange juice and spilled it everywhere once. He doesn't shower often and wears smelly perfume and I sneeze like crazy around him. I blew my nose and he said "Gross!" Yeah right who is the actual gross one. he charges $200/hr

I know everything

Hahahaha!! I’m so sorry but I can so relate to this. I’ve dreamed that some lawmaker would propose a bill against stinky perfume. My advice is to be blunt, but in a happy way. Just tell him that your nose is very sensitive and you’d appreciate if he could refrain from wearing cologne when around you. And at the end say “plus you’ve gotta make sure to shower ok?” And then give him a sweet smile.


tell your parents. someone is paying them


Just speak up.