I think I am good looking but others disagree?

So the thing is I think I look good in a certain style of clothing however this style of clothing is not that popular and mainstream. Others don’t like my choice of clothing and think I look better in popular/mainstream outfits. Personally I don’t care much for the popular/mainstream clothing. Should I do what others tell me and wear popular clothing or should I wear what I think I look good in but is not popular?


No, don't force yourself to get out of your comfort zone if you aren't ready. If you're happy with where you are and you aren't hurting anybody, other people's opinion don't matter. Just make sure it's appropriate for your work and special occasions. But overall, just do you my friend


i think you should wear whatever you want and if others dont like it thats their problenn

Fat Brian 🐄



Wear what makes you feel confident and good. Don't worry about other people's opinion.


do what your heart says


Wear what you like, don't care about others.


I agree with Pearl..best to do what is right for you.