Nail Biting...?

I have a really bad habit of biting my nails when I'm stressed, anxious, or bored. I've tried stopping before, and it works for only about a week. Any tips on how to break the habit?


Get a mineral supplement, not to be confused with your vitamin a day, and in two weeks the habit will be gone.


Do you wear nail polish? This might be a good thing to try, as you don't want to eat nail polish, gross! Also, a friend of mine put bandaids on her kids fingers for a week. It might look silly for a while but it could help :)


I used to bite my nails until I started watching “monsters inside me” and learned of all the bacteria hands can carry and especially bacteria inside of my nails. I became grossed out and immediately broke the habit. Haven’t bit my nails in 11 years, however everyone is different but this is what stopped me.

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Keep a nail file with you. Instead of biting gently file for a bit. It will remind you.not to bite and keep the nails looking good.

Pearl L

nnaybe you can put sonnething in your nails that nnake it taste nasty and that nnight help you stop