Why do i look ugly in the pictures but pretty in the mirror?



If you're using your phone to take the pictures, I think it warps the image a little. Don't worry, the mirror is the real you.


You may not be photogenic! I have foundation that I wear and love but it’s known To have bad flash photography.


Maybe your face is not photogenic that's why you did not look pretty in pictures. But naturally, you look good that's why you look pretty in the mirror so don't feel obsessive about your look. Every person has pretty looks and personality.


It might be the angle the picture was taken, try taking selfies from different angles then see which angle works best for you.


just the lighting


Pictures lie, mirrors don't, well at least that's what I keep telling myself.


The reason you look better in the mirror is because you see your face the other way round (just like how words get flipped when they reflect off the mirror). Your brain is used to seeing your face that way so when you see your face the other way round it looks wrong. It's not that it looks ugly, it just looks different. The good thing is that for everyone else they think you look better in pictures than in the mirror since that's the way they see you everyday.


Baby you beautiful


Due to your thinking.


Only you are looking at yourself in a Mirror. So Only You are being the one critical of yourself. A picture can be criticized by anyone. By the way, I have noticed that many people pull back their chin and smile when being photographed, these actions often distort the face. Have you ever heard of a celebrity saying to only photograph their "Good side"?

Kelsey Henley

pictures you try to hard mirrors you see the real you no fiters no poses just you

Jerry S

you are not photogenic.

Tenasee maree

Tbh you'll know your pretty if people tell you. But I feel like people are actually alot more attractive in person and like mirrors and pictures both lie. But I feel like mirrors are more reliant.


Mirrors flip the image, pictures are what you really look like, or closest to what people see anyway.


The camera adds ten pounds. The mirror is just you.


i got news for you.....


It's karma, don't worry about it.


Cause youre special!


cause your pretty ugly