Weird dark spots on 2 week old tattoo?

I got a tattoo done on January 18th. It took over 8 hours. Process was alright. I have a total of around 6-7 tattoos and this one seemed very different. Keep in mind this is by far the most detailed and largest tattoo I have. The healing was process was very complicated. The tattoo would stay moisturized. I used Cetaphil lotion. They gave me a balm but it was very rough. Hard to explain kinda like a hard putty consistency. Rubbed my tattoo too much so I used the lotion. I contacted the tattoo parlor for a touch up since I wanted to set up an appointment for 2 weeks from today which would make it almost a month since I got it done. They kinda pushed me away and told me to wait another month? It does seem like it is not fully done healing thus why I am giving it a full month instead of the average 2 weeks. Anyways I was curious as to the wear dark spots on the bottom petals? It also faded significantly and the yellow latched very strong in certain areas? Why is this? If anyone could give me a good explanation I would much appreciate it. Thanks in advance :) I meant the tattoo wouldn't stay moisturized. I meant weird dark spots not wear.


It takes a month minimum for any tattoo to heal. To get a touch up before then is just irresponsible. I don't see the dark spots on the lower petals. Your tattoo looks very very dry. It will heal weird if it isn't moisturized enough. I would stop using the lotion and use an ointment instead. Use something like aquaphor. My artist has always given me redemption tattoo salve for me to use. Its a bit hard, but its supposed to be. You use the head of your hands to almost melt it, then apply it. A little goes a long way. You are supposed to massage it into the skin, not just have it sit on the surface. See if this is the proper use for the product they gave you. I would also be hesitant to go back to this artist after the touch up. A tattoo this small with this few colors shouldn't take 8 hours, even if it is detailed.




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