I am a highly sensitive person, but i want to have a career in teaching disabled kids, will the job be to stressful for me?

im just worried that since i am sensitive, i might take things too personally and get drained easily in energy


If you have to ask strangers to evaluate your mental health, yes, the job would be too stressful for you.


highly sensitive person A job with all but the best behaved kids will be too stressful. Never mind those wonderful special needs kids that need even more attention, direction, patience, and understanding.


Yes, I'm sorry to say but it probably will be. You might try to volunteer at a school and help in a class to try it out and see how you do in a short time.


This really depends on you -- without knowing you, it's impossible for us to answer this. Most careers will contain some element of stress. Many people would find working with disabled kids very stressful (or frustrating) -- however others would find it incredibly rewarding. Some people are gifted at working with children or senior citizens or sick people or infants or autistic people, etc. You get the point. I'm highly sensitive as well. Personally I would not enjoy working with disabled kids (or kids in general). However I have worked with adolescents who suffered from eating disorders on a volunteer basis and I enjoyed that. So long answer made short -- it really depends on you. If you want to work with disabled kids, then I think you should give it a try. I commend you by the way.


For the most part, it is a VERY stressful job. Heavy workload, low pay.


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