I keep quitting jobs?

I've gone through three Jobs in the past 6 months. I use to be able to hold jobs for a while, but lately I'll quit after a month. In 2013 I worked as a janitor for about 8 months, and than joined a landscaping company. I loved that job. I loved my co workers, and I loved the hours. I stayed at that job for almost 5 years, but than it failed, so I lost that job. I than started a job building trusses for a construction company. I hated that job so much. My co workers were a couple of rednecks who thought they were better than me, and got mad when I didnt understand something. I quit that after a month, and when to work with my dad, and brother hanging gutters, but I didnt want to put up with my brothers temper tantrums every day so I quit after a month. That was a couple months ago. I got another job at a crab processing plant a couple of weeks ago. The work is hard, but not to the point were I feel like collapsing. My co workers are awesome, and management is really happy with my work ethic. The only thing I hate about it is the hours. 12-14 hours a day 7 days a week. If it were 8 hours a day with the weekends off, than I would have no problem with it. Well, I miss spending time with my family, and I hardly have any time to do my favorite activities, or I'm just too tired, when I have the time. I really wish my landscaping job could have lasted, because I just cant find anything that is at least tolerable. What should I do? Sorry for the bad grammar?


Have you tried a factory job? I worked in the quality control department for a while, it was 3rd shift but I only had to deal with one operator so that was a golden job. I get how co workers ruin your expierience but also the longer you stay, the more reputation builds up and your likely to receive a lot more respect from the people you work with.


There are other landscape companies out there uuuuhhhhh, HELLO!! Good grief, stop your whining it's so annoying!!! You are extremely negative, ever hear of improving yourself? Like getting an education??