If I’m currently a dental hygienist? What’s are the steps to becoming a dentist?



Please be aware that even though dental school admissions doesn't necessarily require one to have majored in a science-related field, having majored in a science-related field may show the "admissions" dept. that the applicant may be able to handle the rigorous coursework of a dental student. Please make sure that the program is ADA-accredited. Dental school admissions is supposed to be quite competitive, including and especially one's GPA, DAT scores, and/or one's professional letters of recommendation.


In the U.S., get a bachelor's degree, apply to dental school, take all the classes and graduate, take your board exams, and get a license to practice. In the U.S., the bachelor's degree does not need to be science-related. You could have a bachelor's degree in English. It's getting into dental school that's the main part.


You need a bachelor's degree with all of the pre-dental coursework requirements and then you need to apply to (take the DAT test) and complete dental school. Then you need to take and pass Parts I and II of the written National Board Dental Examinations.