Im applying for jobs and lots of places require a resume but ive never had a job so what do i put on a resume?



You put you education and qualifications.


Go tot he Fiverr site and pay someone there to make you a great resume.


You put as much on it as you think will be helpful. Think about club activities places you've volunteered. Have you ever handled money for a sale? Have you ever had to oversee a project for a club or a group project in school? Have you been a captain of team. Have you ever gotten paid to do anything? Mowing lawns, shoveling snow, babysitting. Put it down. Also think about skills you have that will be helpful to an employer. If you are confident handling Office or Xcel, then put that down under Skills


Well, you need to put forward some sort of resume. Obviously, you can't put what you don't have and employers will realise that teens don't have job experience, so don't worry about not having any. You need to put down what you can. OK, you haven't had a proper job before - but have you had Saturday work? Holiday work ? If so, put that down. Have you done voluntary work ? Again, put it down. If you really haven't done anything - then there is nothing you can put, other than your qualifications, education and interests


Your education. Your unpaid or volunteer job experience, such as at church, camp or school. Any babysitting experience. You are aiming to show that you are a responsible individual.