Question about HVACR employment opportunities?

I work for a school district in California. My job title is a custodian. I went to hvac school and graduated with all my certificates necessary to apply to a job. The school district I work for paid for half of my hvac schooling also. There is a job opening right now for an hvac tech at my schoold district. Does anyone know if I can easily transfer from the department I work in now as a custodian directly into the hvac department, or would I have to apply as a new candidate for that position? Has anyone been through this?


Considering you’re already employed by that district just in a separate department gives you an advantage. I’d say you’ll have it over every other candidate looking into that job oppurtunity My reason to believe this is because I saw it myself when getting my career started . In my unions apprenticeship there were 20 positions out of 700 applicants. 15 of the 20 selected for the apprenticeship had already been apart of the Union just in the B-sector before applying for the A-sector


You would have to apply for the position.