Why is it okay for some people to break the rules at work while other people get called on the carpet for doing the same thing?

I work in a chain store. You'd probably know it if you heard it. We have a dress code. The store provided polo, solid black, gray, navy, or khaki slacks. All black shoes. Your name tag has to be visible. A few weeks ago I got called in the back and told that my shoes, black gym shoes except for the Nike swoop weren't all black I could wear them until payday but after that he expected me to be in all black shoes. But all throught this time the head cashier who has been there for ever has been wearing black shoes with two white stripes and white soles. This same cashier also had on a hoodie at the register one day last week when the temperature got down below zero. I get that he was right by the door and it threw in a gust of air every time it opened, but it's like he can do whatever he wants and it's okay and I get hauled in the back about stupid spit. Okay if they are making an exception because of the cold, which makes sense, that doesn't explain why he can wear shoes that aren't all black. I'm looking for another job because I hate the double standard, so if your answer would have been love it or leave it, then you can save yourself the time and trouble.


Life isn’t fair. I don’t know why your manager is enforcing the rules inconsistently. The fact remains that your job has a dress code. You have to follow it. How does your coworker following or not following the rules change things for you?


So you only want answers that you agree with? Fact is you know the rules you are employed and paid and the employer can pul you up on your rule breaking... another employee may have permission to not follow any particular rule, they may have signed under a different contract, they may have permission or because of their job or just because they very good at their job........ life is not fair once you are in the real world of work, once you are an adult and you have to learn that quickly as an employer is not mummy/daddy and don't tolerate the nonsence that parents do.......