Work people, if you bring a laptop, binder, etc, do you prefer a backpack or briefcase?

I got a new job, and came with a work laptop. just a 13" size. I already have a backpack for my personal laptop, but i want a second bag just to take to work with other materials like a padfolio, folders, lunch bag, etc. I don't think i would travel much with my job, except maybe for training purposes, but not extensively. but i'm not sure what i would want. i guess i just wanted to see what you use and prefer. I wouldn't want to spend a lot, maybe under $50 max.

A Hunch

Are you a male or female? How do you commute to work? If I was a male = I would select a backpack If I was a female and I commuted via public transportation = I would choose a back pack. But if I drove, I would use a briefcase. As a female and travels significantly for work - I've found a great briefcase that is fashionable and works with female business attire. But it is small enough that I can put it into a backpack when I do plane or public transportation.

real estate guy

I wear a suit, but still use a backpack - granted, it a nice one, but it carries so much more.


I travel a lot for work, so I use a backpack because it offers more space and flexibility than a briefcase would. When I don't travel, I often commute on the train, and backpacks are by far the preferred item for train commuters to use/carry. If I was a driving commuter I would probably carry something different as a bag.


Briefcase. Never could or would want to wear something on my back other than a shirt and jacket.


I carry a computer purse.




Briefcase. I have back and shoulder issues, and backpacks do me no favors. I believe they can actually cause such problems. I also think you can't fit things into them as easily as you can a briefcase.