Is Audi going out of business?

When I am in the car I almost never see an Audi anymore. No one buys them and I find them really nice cars. When I go to Audi dealerships they are empty. Why does no one buy Audis anymore? Is Audi going out of business?


Audis repair & maintenance when they get older are very high. If you buy brand new and trade every 3 years, they are probably fine.(It just costs an arm & leg in depreciation) I have never bought anything newer than 5 years old and never will. So I will never have an Audi.


In the US Audi sales in 2018 were it's second highest ever at 223.323. It peaked in 2017 at 226.511 cars. That's been a big jump over the last ten years, in 2008 they only sold only 87.760 were sold.


have you not seen that new audi supercar...and before I saw this car I would have agreed with you...but it looks nice

A Hunch

Audis are very popular in my area. The new A5 Sportsback is GORGEOUS!

Trivial One

Where I live, it seems that every third car is an Audi. By all public reports, their business is doing fine.

Slumlord: I was curious myself so I just looked it up

I was curious myself so I just looked it up: As you can see their market share has varied but now is slowly growing but its still only a bit over 1% of the total market share (in the USA) so you can easily see a few 100 cars and none of them could be a Audi.


Audi is part of VAG. VAG is the largest carmaker in the World by sales surpassing Toyota. VAG are not going out of business.

Casey Y

Just saw a new dealership going up near me...I think they are doing just fine.