Are there benefits to having two credit cards?



It's a start. Lenders typically like to see that you've used a variety of accounts responsibly. Having a total of 10 accounts is good, whether open or closed, over a long period of time.


Yes. If one of them stops working or gets stuck in a machine or gets stolen, then you have the other one to use until you get the first one replaced.


I have three One gives me cash back another gives me air miles, both are used and paid in full every month The 3rd on is a very low limit card used only for internet/TV purchases, also paid in full every month but the most I could ever lose is the credit limit. The only problem is the bank keeps raising my limit and I have to fight with them to lower my limit back to what I want


I have more than two. I have specific uses for each.


More cards = a better credit ratings... but not too many cards because that's also bad. Generally speaking, the greatest benefit of additional cards comes from store cards, as they often offer unique financing offers within the stores they're associated with. For example, I have a card with Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart. Additionally, I have my primary use card that offers cash back on my purchases. What's important is that you use common sense with your cards.


Yes only if you know how to handle them and the accounts. Having more than one is actually known to increase your score as long as of course can handle them all.


There can be.


Yes have 4 here. 2 failed to work when I arrived here. 2 did work. All 4 will work when I return to America. They do mess them up as you travel.


Yes, if one gets lost or stolen you have another to use. I have I think 6. 2-3 is plenty though. Credit cards are for grown ups with full time jobs, not bored teens.

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In regards to credit score. The key isn't the number (1 or 10), but how you use the credit. FOr a higher score, you should NEVER use more then 40% of your credit line each period/month. AND ALWAYS pay it off in full and on time. Maxing out a credit each month and even paying it on time will hurt your credit score.


I use one for internet purchases. And the other I carry in my wallet. Build more credit history and have a backup card.




None whatsoever. It only encourages people to live even more beyond their means. And that is not good.