Who can give credit help on financing a Mac book laptop?

I just might land a remote job and I need a laptop asap. I want a Mac Book but only thing is I need it this week and I wont have enough money until 2 eeeks so I want to finance it and then pay it off super early. Is that a good idea for my credit (to pay off early) which isn't too good to begin with so not sure I will get approved but if I do I would pay is off asap.


I don't know where you live, but places like Best Buy offer financing on purchases like that. I believe Apple also offers financing for Mac books if you buy from them directly as well. Now, I don't know what your credit situation is, or if you would be more likely to be approved by Best Buy than Apple, but those would be my suggestions. And yes, there are legit jobs that expect the employee to provide the appropriate resources to do the job, especially if you work remotely. My husband spent 5 years as the art director for a magazine that expected him to work from home and also provide all his own equipment to do so. The good news about that is you can deduct certain expenses on your taxes in that situation. Good luck!


Depends on how bad your credit is. Places that finance poor credit are real ripoffs and rent to own places. They would sell you an inferior laptop for the price of a high end one reflecting your poor credit. I would simply charge it on my credit card. Without a job, you would not be approved unless you already have a credit card in good standing.




The employer should provide you with the laptop, or at least reimburse you. Barclay offers financing for Apple products - https://www.apple.com/shop/browse/financing


You don't even know if the job is legit. Sounds bogus.

A Hunch

If the company does not provide you with a laptop, you should not work for them.