How difficult is it to find a job selling insurance part time in the evenings and on weekends?



I'm sure there are lots of places. It doesn't work for us so much because we sell business-to-business. BUT, we would absolutely hire the RIGHT PERSON for part-time. Frankly....I think half our team is part-time. ;-)


No-one is interested in part time in the insurance industry. Part time = little committment.


You would find that most people do not want to be pestered with sales calls, especially on the phone.

Casey Y

I wouldn't hire someone to work nights and weekends as an agent. I would consider someone who has a large book they could bring over...if the book is big enough, they can work whatever hours they want... Also, nobody wants to hire a part time agent...because they aren't experienced enough (second act being an exception) and will be an E&O nightmare...


Virtually impossible in this day of the internet.