I'm new to Medicare and have the Innovative Plan F supplement. When I picked up my diabetic test strips at CVS, CVS made me pay 20 percent..?

Anthem said my innovative Plan f covers the rest but CVS still charged me the 20%. How do I get the innovative Plan f to pay for the 20 percent I called anthem. There is no copay with my plan. They were.no help though. I'm going to call again and see if someone else can help I called back. Anthem confirmed CVS was to charge me nothing and bill CVS. I'll see next time


call anthem and ask. probably has a 20% copay. Did you read your plan booklet?


Maybe it's different picking up medications. I have this plan & there is no co pay or deductible for office visits, testing or a hospital stay that doesn't last forever. I have to have a part D drug program, don't you have one? There is a deductible on all part D drug programs that I've seen. I had to pay out $98.00 for a prep for a colonoscopy, I saved $12.00 from my drug insurance. I feel my medigap policy should have paid for it to be included in having this, but they don't.


sounds right to me