What is Medicare part c?



What is a Medicare Advantage Plan (a.k.a. Medicare Part C)? Medicare Advantage is a private health insurance policy, underwritten by a private health insurance company, which replaces your Medicare coverage. With a Medicare Advantage plan, only the private company is responsible for paying your medical claims - the government is no longer responsible for those expenses. Legally, the private company has to provide you with "equal or better" coverage than what you would get under Original Medicare Parts A & B. Some plans go above and beyond Original Medicare by offering consumers additional benefits, such as vision, dental, and more.


"Medicare Part C Medicare Part C is not a program that you enroll in at Social Security. Instead, it is the official name for the program we now know as Medicare Advantage. Medicare Part C plans provide you an alternative to traditional Medicare. They are optional, so not everyone needs Part C." More here -- https://boomerbenefits.com/new-to-medicare/parts-of-medicare/medicare-part-c/


That is the Medicare Advantage plan, as opposed to straight Medicare. It is like an HMO or network of providers and it includes Part D so you dont have to buy that separately. I am in an Advantage plan and it costs me $90 a month on top of the Part B premium.

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https://www.aarp.org/health/medicare-insurance/info-01-2011/understanding_medicare_the_plans.html Think about it like this. Medicare automatically covers you like a marketplace bronze plan might...but if you want that better coverage, you can always buy the marketplace platinum plan. Medicare Part C is the option to buy better (more comprehensive) coverage than Medicare already offers.