Will my parents be notified if I use our families insurance to see a therapist?

I'm going through a lot turmoil in my life and after talking to some friends, I decided that I want to try seeing a therapist to try and see if that would help me though this difficult time that I'm having. I can't afford to pay full price but heard from a friend that you can use your health insurance to help cheapen the cost. The only thing is that I've got another 3 months until my company will start providing me with health insurance and have to use my family's health insurance that my parents run. I'm not quite sure how exactly health insurance works but I really don't want my family to know that I'm seeing a therapist because it's an awkward conversation that I really don't want to have. I'd much rather do this under the radar if I could. My question is that if I use my health insurance that my parents own to go see a therapist, will they be notified in any way? Or would it be wiser to wait 3 months until I acquire my own through my work?--

Beverly S

Your parents will get an "Explanation of Benefits" if you do. It gives patient name, provider name & charge. It doesn't tell what you saw them for but they can easily find out it's a therapist.


Yes Your parents get an Explanation of Benefits every time the insurance is used


Your parents will get a list of benefits that have been processed and your visit to a therapist will be listed. If you don't want to talk to your parents, wait and see a doctor under your work plan once it becomes effective. Your parents might not question you regarding the visit, and may accept a simple explanation of "I had some issues to talk about".

Casey Y

They will get an EOB...meaning this will be listed. It will be coded...but its pretty easy to find what the code means. You can pay cash perhaps. Or, wait until you aren't on your parents insurance. Honestly, your parents probably wont read it.


Yes your parents will be notified that a claim has been made. You also need to look into how many visits the insurance will cover and what your portion of the cost is. Many plans only cover a very small number of visits.


Of course they will. In what world do you think it wouldn't get back to your parents that you'd used their insurance?


If you use their insurance, they will be notified that you used their insurance. You don't have to wait until you get your own insurance. You can just go to the therapist now, without using any insurance, and pay the therapist with your own money, instead of insurance.


Of course they will.

A Hunch

If you are over age 18, your parents will not be notified. However, it is unlikely that insurance will make it less expensive since you have to reach the deductible first. You are better off going to a therapist who offers sliding scale pricing based on income.


They will HAVE to know. They will need to check and make sure it is covered. Not all plans cover therapy and there are many different kinds of therapy. If you get the services assuming it is covered when it is not, you will owe the full amount of the bills. Regardless, your parents will receive the statements on it, showing the services and who received the services. If you don't want them to know, the ONLY way around this would be if you are an adult and pay out of pocket.