If I stick £200 a month into an isa in 4 years I’ll have £10k for a house deposit and will be 27 years old. Good idea ?


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Look at a stocks & Shares ISA. They (over time) have performed better than cash ISAs


As long as the 4 years isn't a hard deadline. With equities there can be extended down markets, if you HAVE to have the money in 4 years then stick with savings. If the 4 years is a rough goal and a few years plus or minus will serve than using equities to get greater returns is ok.

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any time you save money is great


It's a great idea to put money aside on a regular basis. What I would add to that is to increase that amount regularly and don't look back. Once you're able to save 200, then increase it to 225 and then 250..... If you did that every 6 months you would have over 13k in 4 years (or get to 10k earlier). Also look at where you're going to keep that money. A savings account will get you almost nothing in return. You're young and can likely afford to take a little risk in getting that money to grow for you.


If you save £200 per month for the next 4 yrs into a Help to Buy ISA then you will get tax free interest and £50 given to you per every £200 save(up to £3k free) so you will have more than £10k for your home deposit, as long as it is your first property........ and that is for each person, so if your partner also does that potentially jointly you could have £6k given to you for free

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You will have more than that. If you invest in the FTSE share index (ETFs) you will track market averages. So your first year's money will be invested for 3 years, the second for 2 etc. Whether you can afford to do this depends on your finances which nobody here can know,

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Saving is always a good idea.