Should I move my money to a safer fund?

I am taking early retirement this year, but in my mutual funds, I've lost $11k last quarter. I currently invest in aggressive funds. Thanks.


Aggressive funds are not usually the best choice for someone retired or approaching retirement.


EVERYBODY lost money in the stock market last quarter, including me. However, the losses were only on paper because the stocks weren't actually sold. I've lived and recovered through several such downturns over the the years and ALWAYS came back stronger than before. The BEST strategy is to simply stick out the downturn, stay with the funds you have now, and be patient. Impatience will cost you money. Don't be a 'buy high - sell low' player.


Maybe it should be in a no risk investment. Don't know how much you have, or need to live on.


That's a decision only you can make but if it was me I would I went real safe 6 months before I retired but I could see the 2007_2008 crash coming (always happens within a year or 2 of tax cuts)


Oooohhhh, that's a lot. You can move them, but it would be like locking the barn door after the horse has already run off. Where were you when you were losing $11,000? If you're about to retire, you want to be LESS aggressive, not more.


definitely - if you're losing money why not