What's the greatest truth, Obama dug us out of the greatest recession since WW2, to hand Trump a recovery?

Or Trump single handedly spurred economic growth, when he arrived?


Presidents rarely have a significant effect on the economy. Things happen during their watch, good and bad, and they get the credit or the blame. Neither Obama nor Trump have been personally responsible for any major progress or decline in our recent economy. Obama certainly didn't "dig us out of the greatest recession." He just happened to be there when it happened for many other reasons than his personal involvement. And Trump has done nothing that has spurred the current economic growth. In fact he just dinged it with his child-like antics over "The Wall."


Yeah friend Obama was a black man I'm a white man. Because of President Obama I was able to get a house for the first time and a brand new car for the first time and a bunch of money back to fix my house. Then Obama finishes his term. Trump gets all the praise! Because he's a blonde haired blue eyed white man! And they disrespect Obama it's a bunch of nasty things about him just because he was black! If Obama would have been a white man and Done as much good for our country as he did, we put his face on our hundred-dollar bill and building a statue and have a special day off once per year to honor him.


tell that to the workers at Toys R Us, Sears, Kmart, GE, Harley Davidson


What exactly was it that Obama did that dug us out of the great recession?? Oh right, he stuck us with a brand new, expensive entitlement plan - Obama Care. That was just a huge help. Yep, that's what saved us.


Ask Trump. It sounds like you already did.

Beverly S

Take a look at your tax bill for 2018. All Trump! I paid over 4,000.00 more last year in taxes than this year.. This economy has nothing to do with Obama.


Obama did set the stage for trump, but it WAS mostly trump who spurred the economic growth.


Neither is accurate. Both are rather silly ideas.