Why does my body and mind get this nervous rush throughout my whole body in situations like this?

I went to my previous employer for under paying me and when I told him all I could and he said he is right. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t because I felt that it would make him lash out at me. Now when I try to call his phone number to tell him that if he does not pay me the amount he pays me I will report him. I was planning on calling him when he might be asleep because he is very difficult for me to talk with and when I called he answered and I froze and hang up I could not talk. What is the matter with me. I am diagnosed with anxiety


You're going about it all wrong. You will be terminated if you keep up with it, because employers do not like employees who create problems. If you discussed it with your boss, and he said it's correct, that's it. Don't keep bugging him. Accept it or find a new place to work.

Casey Y

Yup, that's anxiety...stop calling and report.


So don't call him, you already spoke to him, just report him

No Mercy

just take a pill, dear god. there re pills for everything, for anxiety too


You are nervous and you are suffering from your anxiety. Go see a counsellor who may be able to assist you in how you should handle these issues and how to curb your anxiety and nervousness in such situations.


Forget arguing with a former employer-if you truly have proof that you were underpaid, put together your evidence and report the company to your state labor board. Guess what? Most people have nervousness and at least some anxiety especially when it comes to direct confrontation. Grow a set, push past it and stop using it as an excuse. I'm tired of everyone here claiming anxiety and trying to use it a crutch. These are the people who never are successful at life.