Why hasn't someone been able to duplicate money yet?


Casey Y

A few main reasons. 1. Governments use very sophisticated methods to make sure their money is secure. 2. There is a reason large denomination bills were removed from circulation many years ago. If you create one fake $10,000 note and get someone to accept...there is some nice profit. However, if the largest bill you can make is $100...there is a far greater risk of both being caught and simply spending more money than you take in through the fraud.


They have, it's called counterfeiting.


They can duplicate money if they have the machines and materials required such as the company that places packaging on items you find in a store. the biggest problem is you need to work with a lot of other people to achieve authentic looking notes. and even then those notes won't work in machines.


They have that is why governments keep changing the faces on the bills, add new anti-copying techniques like holograms, and contract exclusively with a paper manufacturer so no one else has the right mix of fibers to make it look and feel legit. It's a crime to do so, and would be very expensive to get the right paper, ink, printing press, etc. so unless you are part of a major criminal organization it is cost prohibitive to do so. Also there is very little federal agents take more seriously then bank robberies and counterfeiting, so unless you want the full force of the law enforcement coming down on you, it is genreally a good idea to not do this.