I just applied for a rental house and my stepson turned 18 years old already and I put him on the application will I be denied.?

My stepson is a full time college student and they asked for anybody over the age of 18 with a income and he submitted very low income pay stubs he only works part-time will I be denied for the home because he's 18


should be no problem as long as YOU have enough income for it


not if you have enough income to pay the rent on your own. they just want all adults to sign in case you don't pay, they can still sue him...and he will have to get a better job or have the debt on his record. if anything it will help you qualify as your household income will be higher.


That would be up to the landlord.


If your income and credit are good enough and he doens't have bad credit then it won't matter. The fact that his income is low is meaningless (if your income alone is enough).


You will be denied if your income shows you can't afford it.


Ok thanks cause he didn't work much this month due to school so just don't want this to be an issue