How can I make a living off of a boutique?

I really want to own my own boutique, but the costs are insane for a traditional brick-and-mortar store, and even a kiosk can get pricey! Here's what I have in mind as of right now: Sell online through dropshipping while also renting booths at local craft fairs/flea markets, and MAYBE even pop-up shops. Is it possible to make enough money with these ideas, or not really? By "make enough money", I mean I won't have any other income besides the boutique. Is that possible with my current methods?


1- Go to the Fiverr site and see if you can find a basic business plan for a boutique. Get one...or several and read them so you can discover how a boutique can make money - where the profits are and where the expenses are. That way you will be prepared whether you start on line or in a brick an mortar 2- You will not make an income from drop shipping because the company you buy your products from will be in direct competition with you and will ALWAYS be able to sell them for less. 3- If you do not want to buy a business plan go to an accountant and ask that person to make you one. Or a lawyer. or a friend who has gone to business school.


You want to pay a lawyer to make you a business plan for the boutique or shop that you want and use that to make projections on how much you will actually have to sell before you make a profit. The last thing you want to do is either 'drop shipping' (go back last week and read some of my posts on that!!!) OR to buy a lot of inventory thinking that you will sell it quickly. But some people do make livings off of boutiques...otherwise there would not be so very many of them. My wife and daughters prefer to shop at boutiques...and they do seem to order a lot of clothing on line. So if you are careful and you plan well as in 'make a business plan first', I do not see where you will fail unless you make a lot of mistakes when you start. Take an accounting class at your community college, too.

Barry A

There are thousands of people who are trying this. You need to find something that no one else is offering.


I seriously doubt it. But dropshipping should not be expensive while you realize that profitable sales are hard to come by.