I want to be a professional shopper?

I'd like to become someone who does grocery shopping for other people and charge for it of course. If I were to get $25.00 per hour, how would I charge if it took me say, an hour and fifteen minutes, or an hour and 20 minutes to do their shopping?


I can’t decide what I find more troubling about your question. Your thinking that this service would be worth $25 an hour, or your inability to perform the elementary school math required to figure out how much $25 an hour would work out to for an hour and 15 minutes, despite the very device you used to post this question being equipped with a calculator function.


And I want to be an astronaut.


Nobody will hire you seeing there are stores and companies already doing this.

Barry A

If you really want to do it, put an ad in the local paper. Do not be upset if you are not inundated with people requesting your service


Companies already offer grocery pickup services for free. Amazon often delivers for free. And there is NO way anyone would pay what you are suggesting.


If you need to be told how. You have zero chance of doing, period.


Go to work for InstaCart.


Give it up. Grocery stores do this AT NO CHARGE. Most deliver too.


just advertise your services and you nnight get sonne jobs that way