What is a good special to run for a auto detail business?



Free washer fluid top-up, free tyre pressure and condition check, and a percentage discount at your quiet business periods. Also a loyalty card to encourage customers to return offering perhaps a larger discount after every, say, 5th visit, or some minor upgrade to your regular detailing menu which they'd normally pay for but which costs you almost no extra time/money such as spraying stain-guard on the upholstery. You could also do a deal with a local tyre fitter where you refer them your customers when you find tyre or rim faults, and they in return refer customers to you who need valeting or detailing services.


pump up their tyres free tyre pressure check?


Free beer while you wait.


10 percent off on the slowest day of the week.


a free blinker fluid change with the purchase of a premium detailing package. Jokes aside though technically the best specials to run are those that include something that doesn't cost you a lot of money to do but people may often over look or need done. Even if its something that is cheap and easy to do doesn't mean you are cheating people out of there money you are in business to make money and people like feeling like they are getting a good deal even if its something they could've easily done themselves.