Is it wrong to buy stuff from rich liberal kids with addictions and resell it?

Daddy buys jr a must have gold top reissue and Marshall amp. Kid fugs off and needs cash cause mama says no mo cash until the grades come up... kid has a new girlfriend with habits... I be standing there at 3am with a wad of it. Is that just “capitalism” or is it a crime?

Mad Luv

i think most people do that anyway. i mean if people knew how to make the stuff they buy they would see this but why learn when someone else does it for you.


Most drug addicted women just sell their pussy


Just take it from them. What are they going to do?

Casey Y

They could take it to the pawn shop...I see no problem with buying their stuff...

The Lord Humungus.

It is ethically wrong to take advantage of addicts. It is not a crime.


They're all on opioids.