Returning an item I accidentally took?

I am so so embarrassed to ask this but I am so anxious! So a couple of months ago I was shopping and accidentally took a tshirt that I forgot to pay for. I was so embarrassed to go back so I didn't. I felt really bad and couldn't wear it so I finally decided to take it back. I went to pay for it but there wasn't a tag and because it was the previous collection they had no idea where it came from. At the end they found a similar shirt to match the price with. I paid and walkd out. Now I am so stressed that it looked suspicious and even more scared that I was in the first place!!! Will I get in trouble now?

Casey Y

You'll be fine...



Elaine M

If you paid for and got a second shirt, that didn't fix the initial problem at all.


You wouldn't have got in trouble if you had just kept the shirt. You brought it back, gave it to them, explained what happened, and bought another shirt. What do you want to hear exactly?



Linda S

No, you won t get into anymore trouble. In fact, you did the right thing. You went a couple steps beyond the right thing. My advice would have been to anonymously mail the shirt back to the store with a sincere apology and a promise to be more careful in the future. Going back in person to pay for it took a whole lot of courage and a measure of ethics most people no longer have. Pat yourself on the back for doing something good. The store will have assumed that you shoplifted and you were so tortured by guilt you felt the need to make amends -which you did. Yes, they were suspicious, but you apologized, paid and left and the everything has balanced out. You can relax now. And in the future try to be more careful when shopping so you don t accidentally walk out of a store with something you didn't pay for.


Use receipt