When is my official start time at my job?

I started working here part time in March, then i got full time in August. I want a yearly review with a raise, as we've grown 1600 percent in our profits since i started in my department. Now, does my start time start in march, when i was part time, or when i went full time in august. Links to official resources would be perfect in case the manager says other wise.

Steve D: There is no law requiring the company to

There is no law requiring the company to: a) give you a review or b) give you a raise. The only law that is required to be followed is the minimum wage law. Having said that, your department's profit will NOT factor into whether you get a raise (it may factor into how big a raise since there may be more money in the payroll pot). And no, you cannot use the increased profit as a justification for a raise unless you can point to concrete examples of how you directly contributed to that increased profit (i.e., an idea you had saved the company X dollars which was all profit). The best you can do is ask your boss that since you have actually been there since March, even though part-time, are you entitled to a review at that point or do you have to wait until one year after going full time.


Most companies have a schedule they do reviews on and will only consider mid-year raises for special cases. That doesn't mean you can't, and shouldn't, have this discussion especially since your company is obviously small and growing rapidly (and thus probably is lacking strict rules on this.) Your start date is when you started as a temp. That doesn't mean that is used for your compensation discussion though. That would all depend on how the company chooses to view it. I would put the focus on what you've contributed as an employee and how your job position pay is compared to other similar jobs in the area in these discussions though. Don't get caught up in HR's and Finance's spreadsheets. Look at the bottom line of your increase.


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Your official start date at your jobs is the first day that you actually reported for work. You say you "started working here part time in March, then" you "got full time in August." That means, your official start date was in March. But, it's good that you made note of going full time in August, just for your own records.


Entirely up to your jobs company policy


Ask your company because it is entirely up to them. There are no federal or state laws regarding this.


There is no guarantee of a raise even if they do a review. Company policy will determine if and when you get a review or raise. If you have a review, be prepared to say what you did to contribute to that growth.

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There is no LAW regarding this. Totally up to the company.

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If you started with the company in March, that is your start date. If you started with a temp agency first, than your start date is the date you became an employee of this company. But you received a raise in June, you are probably not eligible for another raise until June unless you get a promotion before then. We can show you a official link because there is no law on this but you asked how most companies do it. You can ask your supervisor when you will be receiving your annual performance review.

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Your start time with the company is March.


Did you sign a new contract when you went full time?