Am I a dependent (taxes)?? Please help?

I’m 20. Was full time student half the year last year. Lived with mom last year and she wanted me out so moved in with dad september last year. Trying to do taxes now and I’m technically a dependent under my dad now but I dunno how much money he gets from claiming me if I’m currently not a full time student... I’m just confused, do I let him claim me as a dependent?? Which way gets us more money (aka makes us pay the IRS less), bc he needs the money but he said he doesn’t want me to get in trouble claiming I’m a dependent if Im not... I don’t know how I wouldn’t be a dependent though, he pays for almost everything but I pay for my car...

amy lynn

Because of the new changes to the tax laws - for you it makes very little difference. Your tax return will probably come out the same no matter if you are a dependent or not a dependent. For you, the safest thing to do would be to mark that someone else can claim you as a dependent (because legally, they can which means you can't claim yourself anyway) and then let your mom and dad figure out which one of them will end up actually claiming you. The only thing that you won't get is any educational credits that might apply to your situation. Which ever parent claims you would get the 1099-T from your college and claim those credits. The issue here is that you lived with your mother for the majority of the year and you lived with her while you attended school. This means she is the one with the most legal right to claim you unless she signs a form (8332) that would allow your dad to claim you.

Steve D

Since you are a student and lived with one or the other parent during the entire year, you are not considered independent (unless you had enough other expenses to jump the 50% hurdle). Since you did not live with your father for more than half the year, he cannot claim you, which means that only your mother can claim you as a dependent and get the deduction.

Max Hoopla

The parent with whom you lived the longest can claim you.

Pascal the Gambler

You aren't a dependent of dad, didn't live with him long enough. If you did not pay half your own living expenses for the year, you are a dependent of your mom. If you are classified as her dependent, you cannot claim yourself, even if she does not.


For the year 2018, which you are filing taxes for, you were a dependent of your MOTHER. Because she is the one you lived with for the majority of that year. (Unless you lived at school, in which case it's very possible your dad can claim you.) Your dad might be able claim you as a dependent for 2019. Unfortunately, after age 18 if you're not a student and you earn more than a few thousand dollars, you cannot be claimed as a dependent. Even if he pays for everything. Having a dependent doesn't help your mother as much this year as it used to. It might allow her to get a tax deduction for any tuition payments you made in 2018, which you would otherwise be able to use yourself.


With the change to the standard deduction, dependents pay the same except when the Education Credit is involved. As for getting claimed, see IRS 501. Your being a dependent isn't a choice. Momis custodial if you lived with her more. If you are a depenfent, dad needs a signed 8332 to claim you.


Unless ur parents claimed u ur gonna be independent. If ur parents claimed u on there taxes u would be dependent. which seeing as ur 20 and guessing u dont live at home ur probably gonna be independent.