My company wrote 7 dependants on my w4. I wrote 1 dependant. Am I responsible to pay a year of federal income that wasn't taken out all?



No one at the company wrote 7 on your form-it is the employee's responsibility to fill it out and sign it. I guess you'd better pay attention in the future when you fill out that form and SIGN it. Apparently your 1 looked like a 7. Not the company's fault they couldn't read your writing and yes you are totally responsible for any income tax you owe.


Yes of course. If they had read it right, the extra money would have been taken out of your paychecks so you'd have gotten a lot less. You aren't paying more, just paying later.


You are responsible for your taxes. If not enough was withheld for all of 2018, that is 100% your responsibility. You should have a method at your company to review your W4 and should have verified it after your last requested change.

Beverly S

Yes. It is up to us employees to make certain the correct amount is being withheld. You should have noticed your were barely having any taxes withheld. Maybe your 1 looked like a 7?

Coffee Drinker

yes, this is why the company is required by federal employment law to provide you a written pay stub with each and every paycheck. That means that EVERY paycheck all year you had the chance to look to see the tax withholding. But every payday you chose not to review your pay stub for accuracy. Now you get to pay the tax which would have been withheld from your checks if YOU had reviewed your pay stubs and submitted a new W4. You also might owe a nominal penalty for under-withholding. That's the cost of not being proactive with your own tax planning. And by the way, nobody claims "dependents" on a W4 form. You claim allowances. Its very common for the number of allowances on a W4 to be significantly different than the number of dependents a person actually claims on their tax return.


WRONG. Your handwriting was LOUSY and the read your SLOPPY 1 ALLOWANCE as 7 allowances. That means they withheld less and you will either owe the IRS, of receive a smaller refund. You SHOULD submit a new W-4 that is LEGIBLE.


Yes, You had the benefit of that extra money all year. If you'd ever looked at your pay stub, you would have realized they weren't withholding enough.

Casey Y

You are still responsible for the taxes on your income...why do you think you wouldn't be responsible??? Plenty of income has no payroll deduction...any income that isn't payroll related...

Wayne Z

Yes It is your responsibility to make sure that you withhold enough taxes even if the company makes a mistake. Had they done it correctly, your paycheck would have been smaller. Either way, you pay the taxes.


Yes You should have realized on your first full check that something was not right, unless you are just totally clueless

Pascal the Gambler

Yes, of course you are.







real estate guy

Of course you are responsible. They didn't write 7. You fill the form out and the HR department reads it and enters into their system a number. A mistake was made. But I'm betting the 1 looked like a 7.

Max Hoopla

You are responsible for anything on a joint return you sign.


You should have your company correct the mistakes made on the form before you file. The money that is withheld will either be paid as part of your refund or go towards what yo owe but you mus declare only what you legally are allowed to declare.

Steve D

Yes...even though the company made a mistake, they are your taxes. The best you might get away with is if you end up paying a penalty because of the mistake, they might be liable for that penalty. But the taxpayer is always responsible for his or her taxes.


I find it hard to believe they 'wrote' anything, when most of these forms are computer generated.