What do I do if I had two different W-2's from the same employer and both had the wrong filing status?

Last year I made roughly 14,000. This year i made 28,999. On my first w2 i made 11,287 and had a filing status of 3 single. My second w2 had earnings of 17712.27 and a filing status of 2. The filing status on both should be 2. I have not submitted my return yet but I started my return with them. When I entered my first w2 my return was at around 550. After entering the second it went down to 49 dollars! The reason my job had two W2s is because they switched payroll companies. When I say filing status on my w2, I mean that is what I was claiming during the time periods with each of those payroll companies.

amy lynn

The ONLY thing that matters is that you put the CORRECT filing status on your tax return form. What your W-4 says or what the W-2 says does not matter. Depending on what your filing status actually is, it might mean that you owe more money or you may get a larger refund. However, if you have the wrong status, you should turn in an updated W-4 form so that the correct taxes will be withheld for this year. EDIT: Your "refund" is not complete until ALL information has been entered on your tax return. When you entered the first W-2, you had low earnings - so you had overpaid on your taxes. When you entered the next W-2, your income increased which means your tax liability increased. This meant you owed more in taxes based on the higher income. The "refund" you thought you seen covered those additional taxes from that additional income. You actually have a perfect tax situation. Your withholding almost exactly matched your tax liability and you didn't give the government an interest free loan of YOUR MONEY. Remember, for the average, single person, a tax refund is just YOUR MONEY that you overpaid during the year. It isn't some kind of bonus from the IRS.


3 single and 2 single are what you put on your W-4, not your filing status. Your filing status is something you put on your return, either married fling joint or married filing separately.. The number on the software that says your refund only means anything when it knows ALL of your income.

Beverly S

If you want a bigger refund next year change your W4 to single 1 or single 0. They will take more out during the year giving you a bigger refund. Regardless you end up the same.. either more money in each pay check, or less each week and a bigger amount of refund. You owe the same either way & if you overpay you get a refund, if you under pay you owe the IRS when you file. As for the 2 W2's.. when you entered the first one it was calculating only based on that info/income/withholdings etc. When you entered the 2nd one you added additional income which makes you owe more in taxes and reduced your refund. The more you earn the more taxes you have to pay.

Pascal the Gambler

Your W2 doesn't show a filing status. If anything it shows how you elected to have taxes withheld.

Max Hoopla

A W-2 does not indicate filing status.


Your filing status DOES NOT appear ANYWHERE on your W-2. The W-4, which you give your employer for use in determining how much to withhold IS NOT given to the IRS. The amount of gross income and amount withheld for taxes is the ONLY thing the IRS cares about.


The W-4 controls how much is withheld. Changing it is only for the future. I don't know why they gave you two w-2s, but they did. Your refund requires you to enter both.


W2s don't contain a filing status. You may be looking at the summary part which simply gives you information on what you had claimed on your W4, and the various deductions and benefits included in your paycheck. If your W4 information is wrong, it is up to you to correct it with your employer.


The filing status on the W-2 does not matter. As long as the amounts of money and your SSN are right, just go ahead and file your taxes normally, with the correct filing status.




Tell your employer to get it right the 3rd time.