What to do if the gross on my w2 differs from my gross on final paystub?


Max Hoopla

Ask your payroll people for an explanation. I expect your FICA wages will match your pay stub..


Use the amount on your W-2.

Chris Brown

use your w2


Discuss it with your employer.


If the W-2 is right, file with it. If the paystub is right, ask for a corrected W-2.

Pascal the Gambler

Nothing, the W2 is what you use to file, as it is what is correct.


Nothing the W2 is correct. The final paystub may show part of the new year earnings

Casey Y

The W2 is the important part. Ask HR or ask an accountant to explain it. Have any friends good with taxes...just ask them. There are other lines on that W2 which might shed some light on the discrepancy...


File from W-2. Ask someone at your work to explain difference. Health care, 401k. ...