Is it true that, if you're offered an Antonov for free, you should turn it down because they eat you up in maintenance & parts are so...?

hard to find?


Any large plane will eat your money as they are expensive to maintain.


ALL airplanes are expensive to operate and maintain. A Russian built aircraft would be more expensive to maintain in the US or the UK because those aircraft are not normally sold and serviced there.


you could make a lawn ornament out of ii .....................................................


Sell it to make money, do not hold on to it


I will get it and sell it. Easy money.


AN2 Colt Biplane? PZL was main maker post WW2 under Russian orders. 5(?) in Canada and 3(?) in USA, some in Cuba and Guatamala commercial use. still basic air transport in China and N.Korea . Low performance but simple and that makes it relatively reliable. Last engine TBO was about 900 hours estimate. Main sales point was 1/5 the cost of a heli with cargo hauling, 12 passengers or so and very good short field performance because of wing area. USA is X, not commercial except 'sport' parachute plane, Canada gave commercial license to 2 or 3, Cuba and Guatamala are commercial use same as N.Korea and Mainland China, a few still in use Russia. PZL now making fuselage with top wing only and a turbo prop engine sold as South American Mountain or other area use high altitudes.


Which model of Antonov and in which country would it be licensed? Lack of useful details = FAIL