Was there really a mid-air collision over Germany in 2002?

I watched a tv show about a plane crash over Germany in 2002 where a plane full of Russian kids on their way to vacation in Spain collided with a DHL transport plane and everyone died. Did this really happen or was it just a tv show?


"Air Disasters", on The Smithsonian Channel? Those are real events. I think this is the one you are referring to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_%C3%9Cberlingen_mid-air_collision

Rona Lachat

YES it happened July 2 Trained School students responded with their emergency vehicles from their school to the scene.as part of the area First Responders. Easy to look up on the school archives pages online. The Air Traffic Controller was later Murdered by one of the Fathers of a child that died in the collision. The school also provided facilities to the Families for memorial services. It was a tragic combination of machines and humans giving the pilots opposite instructions.on what to do to avoid collision. Well known in Germany and easy to search out online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62qEGw8G8P0 In the nighttime accident on July 2, 2002, a Bashkirian Airlines Tupolev passenger jet filled with children headed for a vacation collided with a DHL Boeing 757 cargo airplane, killing 71 people, including 52 children. Though the collision occurred over Germany, a private Swiss air traffic control company, Skyguide, was responsible for monitoring the airspace. The only controller on duty at the time, Peter Nielsen, a Danish citizen, had instructed the Russian jet to descend, after noticing that the planes were on a collision course. Mr. Nielsen was slow in delivering the instruction to descend to the Russian pilots. But the onboard collision-avoidance systems on the planes issued contradictory instructions, telling the Russian pilots of the passenger plane to ascend, while instructing the DHL jet to descend. The Russian pilots followed the air traffic controller’s advice and the two descending planes collided. In the wake of the accident the ICAO has instructed pilots to comply with their planes anti-collision warnings and not the controller


The accident did happen, as a few other mid air collisions have also occurred.


you used google to find yahoo answers. Just think what you could've found out by now if you had googled that story


I didn't see that show - YOU did . . . . don't you know what you were watching? That would explain a lot.


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