Can a tourist drive a car in USA?


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Of course you can. I'm from the UK and I've rented cars in the USA many times. Just turn up with your licence and online code. You don't need an International Driving Permit.It's just a translation of your licence. A valid licence from any coutry is valid in any other country. A rented car? No problem. The rental insurance will cover you. A private car? You MUST be on the insurance.


Get an International Driver's Permit if you come from a country that recognises them. If hiring a car, all the other paperwork should be taken care of. Americans like suing people (beats working) so make sure your insurance is fully paid up. Americans can't drive for sh!t, but if you come from a third world nation, it'll still be a far higher standard than your country.


Yes. Canadians do it all the time.


can a troll stop trolling?


Are they allowed to? Yes. Can they? That remains to be seen.

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course they can ..america is the easiest place to drive anywhere ...just as long as you understand 4 way stops ..and turning right on red light ...just be prepared to driver slower over there body hurries ...and be aware they dont have a clue with lane discipline ...they overtake both side ..and just sit there ...stay calm


sure, he must have an international driver license, released by his country), I don t know if there is a way to get it in USA. I did that way and had no problem at all to rent and drive one...