Dealer bought my car, kept for 3 days then said never mind?

Dealer bought my car, test drove it and we signed paper work. Was late in evening they said give me check tomorrow. Tomorrow came, then then said early next morning. They called me at 9 a.m. said my check was ready then called at 10 a.m. and said never mind we don't want your car? Didn't they buy it when we signed contract?


a lawyer question, but as THEY made the paperwork you signed, bet they have a way out of it ........................................


Read the contract. They should have given you a copy.


What did you sign? Just curious...


It all depends on which state you live in. Some states have a 'Lemon Law'; meaning, there is a 3-day wait period to determine if you really want the car or not and can LEGALLY return it. Plus, if you had a trade-in vehicle - then the dealer must keep your car for the 3-days.


With no contract and no check, you never had a deal. The good news is its probably worth more than they offered.


Read the contract. I'll bet they have an out.


if the contract is signed they are buying the car if it was the otherway around how much would it cost you to get out of it?


Sell it to someone else then. Earlier in the day. You might even get more money for it.


NEVER give anything or sign anything until the money is IN your hand. Take the car before you lose it.