Gmc truck good buy or no ?

So after checking the internet for 2 months looking at terrible trucks i found one that was good. I found a 2003 gmc with 160k miles on truck v6 extended cab. from the miles to price ratio its seems good through blue book . its listed at 3000 i told him 2700 a week ago it was a no then i came with 2850 and he agreed but he now says he want to change out rims from his other gmc down to 16 inch from 17 . he told me tires are still good just not as good . havent seen truck again yet . so granted if tire got some good life on them .what do you think price and thpughts on a v6 gmc . i feel like gmc v6 trucks will have more life extremely easy to work on and i wont be towing a lot or extremly heavy things no more then 400 to 500 pounds not often at all to. Anyone that knows about trucks knows they are very expensive to buy much more then cars . so thoughts ?


Welcome to the Old Truck Club. If you actually like the truck, and if your independent mechanic has found nothing seriously wrong, just go with whatever deal feels best to you. You'll be putting on new tires anyway at between $100 to $250 each, eventually. Other things will go wrong and eat up a bunch more money. Always happens. You're still much better off than with a brand-new truck where you're dropping $10,000 or more of value just driving it off the dealer's lot. We just put about $11,000 into our 1992 D250 Cummins. It now runs better than it did when it was new, and about once a week someone tries to buy it from me. NO! You can't have it!


"havent seen truck again yet" Never, ever, EVER commit to buy any vehicle that you haven't seen. In daylight.


First, never ever buy a motor vehicle sight unseen. That's a must. Secondly, can the seller of the GMC show you proof of all full and complete service and maintenance records? If they can the truck has potential. If the can't the purchase would be very high risk.


Agreeing to buy ANY vehicle that you have never seen, touched or inspected is a REALLY STUPID idea, Skippy.