FixD - Is It Worth It and/or Reliable ?

I am thinking about buying one of those FixD accessories for my car that I have seen advertised. I am wondering are they worth it ? Do they provide you with accurate information ? Or would I be better off saving the money and going to a mechanic instead when I think something may be going wrong with my car ?


I just looked it up as I had no idea what it can get an OBD code reader for much less, then look up the codes on a website to see why the codes are showing and what repairs need to be made...............there might be consumer reviews on that fixd product


And when this thing tells you your car is going wrong? Do you have the expertise to fix it yourself? Or will you take it to a mechanic?


Any such device *might* help you identify a problem with your car, but you will most likely will STILL have to go a mechanic to get it fixed. So, forget the device and simply go to a mechanic to get your problem accurately diagnosed AND get it get it fixed.