Isn't ebay the greatest?

I need a ported vacuum switching valve for my car. Almost $100 at the dealership. $63.99 at O'Reilly's. $54.95 at Autozone. Obviously all of those prices include tax. $19.10 on ebay, delivered right to my door.

the illuminati

Yep that's because everywhere else is charging you extra for all the upkeep and overheads and staff to run their store. The way its going everything is going to be online in a few years, the price difference is just too much to compete with.

Pearl L

sounds like it,


I have been cheaten last time i tried to buy from, i bought from a chinese an itme but he did not send me it, instead he alleged he had sent back my money but I did not recieve any of the two,


Yes you have less buyer protection, it's harder to do returns and you get questionable quality at times, but it's convenient and you can save heaps if you're careful.


What dat? Some get lucky, some get junk. some just get the Box.


The quality of it may well be awful. You largely get what you pay for.


I didn't know that ebay was still in existence. I use amazon now.


Yes, but all the fake goods being sold there is awful. Also some stuff is stupidly overpriced.


Chinese made. Unbranded. No warranty, No return policy. It will break after 1000 miles if it even works. Broken when delivered. "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get" - Warren Buffet.