How much money should I expect to get out of a 2005 Ford Fivehundred w/o a transmission?

I have this guy offering $350 as his final offer, should I sell it to him or try a junkyard/ junk car company? I want to be nice and sell to him bc he really wants it, but I also don’t know if I can get more money out of my car. I mean it only has 129xxx miles and all the other parts are good besides the transmission. Help

Jerry S

very little.


ring a car removal mob up and ask. around here it would have to have a full tank of fuel brand new tyres and battery to get $200 for a 15 year old car that doesn't drive from a wrecker or car removal mob.


Call the wreckers and ask them what they'll give you.

Concerned Citizen

call to get a quote on scrap