I can't find a 2012-14 Honda CRV or a 2013-15 Toyota RAV4 online that is < 15k, has < 50k miles and was never damaged or in an accident.?

A couple of weeks ago, my car (a 2009 crv) got totaled in an accident and am looking for a small, reliable suv (that has the same cargo space as my old car) so I've came across these two vehicles on various websites. Insurance gave my family ~9,000 for the automobile. Does anybody know if and how I can find one offline or for much less money based on my criteria?


I like crv


There are plenty in thr country that match your criteria IF you are willing to get on a plane and go get one. Here = https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/inventorylisting/viewDetailsFilterViewInventoryListing.action?sourceContext=untrackedExternal_false_0&newSearchFromOverviewPage=true&inventorySearchWidgetType=AUTO&entitySelectingHelper.selectedEntity=c23217&entitySelectingHelper.selectedEntity2=c24169&zip=85020&distance=50000&searchChanged=true&modelChanged=false&filtersModified=true


Why limit yourself to two models and such a tight list of criteria. What’s wrong with a 2011 CR-V? Or a 2012 Toyota. What if you found a perfect car but it had 52,000 miles on it. Would you seriously turn these cars down? What’s wrong with a Nissan or a Ford?


You may have to extend your search area.


CRV are the best, I love them, there getting really high in demand now and its hard af to find a cheap one, especially Toyota as well. Go to an auction depending on your state or go to one of those second hand dealerships. Or just look for anyone selling there's on the street.


Oh, they are there. Just not for sale. The people are hanging onto those cars at the moment. YOU GOT TO WAIT. Maybe it will happen and maybe not.